Paper Hole Punch - Uxcell Metal 6mm Dia Single Round Hole Punch Hand Tool For Paper Card

Metal Card Punch can drill 6mm hole, work on 8 pcs paper at one time. Easy to use with your hand. Fit for stamp, ID card or craft paper work drilling hole use. 


Paper Hole Punch - Officemate Adjustable Three Hole Punch, Black (90095)

OIC90095 Features: -Features Mar-proof Base Pad: Centering Guide. -Features Mar-proof Base Pad: Removable Chip Tray. -Features Mar-proof Base Pad: Manufacturer: Officemate International Corp.. -Features Mar-proof Base Pad: Adjustable Three-Hole. -Features Mar-proof Base Pad: Manufacturer Part Number: 90095. -Features Mar-proof Base Pad: Manufacturer Website Address: Item: -Punch Accessories. Number of Holes: -Three-Hole Punch. Sheet Capacity: -Small (1-24). Mechanism: -Manual. Adjustable: -Yes. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -0.9 lbs.


Paper Hole Punch - Swingline Low Force 1-hole Punch, 20 Sheets, Black (a7074017)

Low force paper punch delivers powerful 1-hole punching, without demanding any more effort from you. A slim handle and unique, plier design make hole punching easier on your hands. In comparison to a traditional punch, it takes significantly less force to punch through as many as 20 sheets. Durable metal construction ensures long-lasting use; 1” maximum throat depth offers hole punch versatility. Built-in chip tray eliminates mess. Black.


Paper Hole Punch - Darice,1201-15 Value Pack Hole Punches In 3 Shapes

Scrapbooking starter set includes 3 soft handled hole punches. Punches any kind of paper and thin layers of plastic, foam sheets, felt, leather, thin metal and more. All 3/16-inch-heart shape, star shape and 1/4 inch round shape. Not a toy, recommended for adult use only.


Paper Hole Punch - Paperpro Inpress 12 Reduced Effort Three-hole Punch, Silver/black (2101)

Paperwork can be a hassle, but hole punching it shouldn't be. The PaperPro inPRESS™ 12’s ProPunch™ technology, experience 50% easier, jam-free punching when you need it most. For demanding environments, the sleek all metal construction delivers impressive performance while the base’s non-slip grip protects your desktop and provides stability during use. The integrated ruler and paper guide provide consistency during punching, and the handle locks down for compact storage. Built-in waste chamber collects unwanted chips and easily empties through a door. With a smooth, curved ergonomic handle shape, conquer paper stacks with unprecedented ease. Three-Year Limited Warranty. FEATURES: ProPunch™ technology for 50% easier punching Easily 3 hole punch up to 12 sheets Sleek, all metal hole punch for powerful performance  ...


Paper Hole Punch - Universal 12-sheet Deluxe Two- & Three-hole Adjustable Punch, 9/32" Holes, Black

Three punch heads adjust for two- or three-hole punching. Punches 9/32 holes. Rubber soft-grip on handle for increased comfort. Removable chip tray. Black plastic/metal. Global Product Type: Punches; Sheet Capacity: 12; Number of Holes: 2; 3; Hole Diameter: 9/32 in.


Paper Hole Punch - Fiskars 1/8 Inch Circle Hand Punch (23517097j)

Great for people who prefer more traditional crafting tools, Fiskars Hand Punch offers versatile, comfortable use. It’s great for creating confetti, hang holes for gift tags and more. It includes a cushioned grip for comfortable long-term use and a confetti catcher to keep the clippings off your work surface. Additionally, all of Fiskars Hand Punches include a color-coded handle for easy identification.


Paper Hole Punch - Swingline 3-hole Punch, Smarttouch, Low Force, 20 Sheet Punch Capacity (a7074133)

Easily hole punch 20 sheets with a SmartTouch low force punch. A manual, 3-hole punch the low force design of SmartTouch reduces the amount of effort needed to punch clean holes by 50% when compared to a standard paper punch. The soft grip handle not only makes it more comfortable, but also locks down to allow for more compact storage when not in use. A hole pattern in the punch base provides visibility into chip tray to see when it is full. An opening in the back and a removable base allow two options for quick and easy emptying of paper chips. Built-in ruler and edge guide deliver perfectly aligned punching of 9/32-Inch holes. The perfect spacing helps you easily  ...


Paper Hole Punch - Swingline 3 Hole Punch, Desktop, Punches 2-7 Holes, Lighttouch, High Capacity, 20 Sheets (a7074030)

Wide, soft lever handle of this reduced effort paper punch cleanly cuts holes through 20 sheets at a time. The manual operation of this desktop hole punch is simplified by the low force design that requires 50% less punching effort. Also includes semi-adjustable centers to accept up to 7 punch heads to deliver between two and seven holes. Spill resistant chip tray and lock down handle makes clean up and storage easy. Only 3 punch heads are included. Additional punch heads must be purchased separately to enable 4-7 hole punch functionality. Replacement punch head item number A7074865.


Paper Hole Punch - Swingline 1-hole Punch, 1/4" Holes, 5 Sheets (a7074005)

Classic single hole punch clearly punches a single hole through as many as 5 sheets at a time. A convenient paper chip holder keeps your workspace neat during use. Use the built-in storage hook to hang punch in an easily accessible location.


Loose Emeralds - 1.20-1.75 Cts Of 8x6 Mm Aaa Emerald-cut Russian Lab Created Emerald ( 1 Pc ) Loose Gemstone

This is an AAA quality Emerald-Cut Russian Lab Created Emerald measuring 8x6 mm. Approximate Gemstone Weight: 1.04-1.75 Carats.,GEMSTONE:Russian Lab Created Emerald,SHAPE:Emerald,AVERAGE COLOR:Medium Green,AVERAGE QUALITY:AAA,MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:1.04-1.75,GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:8x6 mm,NUMBER OF STONES:1,COLOR:Green,ACCESSORY TYPE:Loose Emerald,PRODUCT TYPE:Loose Emerald,GENDER:Mens-Womens,MATERIAL:Gemstone,ORIGIN:Russia,MINDIMENSION:6.00 mm,MAXDIMENSION:8.00 mm,STONE CREATION METHOD:Synthetic,TREATMENT METHOD:Treated


Loose Emeralds - Synthetic Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cz Loose Gemstones 1 Pieces 12 X 16 Mm Emerald Cut Green Faceted Gemstone Stemcz-96001

Emerald cz is the most popular and valuable gemstone. Emerald cz  is used to make your own jewelry  gemstone can have some minor inclusions.The pictures shown are of the actual stones that you will receive. Please note that colors may look slightly different depending on your monitor calibration. All stones are natural, so little imperfections can appear. Stone Name:- Emerald cz Stone Color:- Green Size (in mm):- Width:- 12 Length:- 16 Weight in ck:- 9.2 Type:- faceted CUT:- Emerald cut


Loose Emeralds - 1.70-2.40 Cts Of 9x7 Mm Aaa Emerald-cut Russian Lab Created Emerald (1 Pc) Loose Gemstone

This is an AAA quality Emerald-Cut Russian Lab Created Emerald measuring 9x7 mm. Approximate Gemstone Weight: 1.70-2.40 Carats.,GEMSTONE:Russian Lab Created Emerald,SHAPE:Emerald,AVERAGE COLOR:Medium Green,AVERAGE QUALITY:AAA,MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:1.70-2.40,GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:9x7 mm,NUMBER OF STONES:1,COLOR:Green,ORIGIN:Russian,MINDIMENSION:7.00 mm,MAXDIMENSION:9.00 mm,ACCESSORY TYPE:Loose Emerald,PRODUCT TYPE:Loose Emerald,GENDER:Mens-Womens,MATERIAL:Gemstone,STONE CREATION METHOD:Synthetic,TREATMENT METHOD:Treated


Loose Emeralds - 2.00-2.25 Cts Of 8 Mm Round Checkered Lab Created Russian Emerald ( 1 Pc ) Loose Gemstone

This is a Lab Created Russian Emerald measuring 8 mm. Approximate Gemstone Weight: 1.92-2.12 Carats. Add to your collection, or create a ring, earring, pendant of your dream.,GEMSTONE:Lab Created Russian Emerald,SHAPE:Round Checkered,AVERAGE COLOR:Green,MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:1.92-2.12,GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:8 mm,NUMBER OF STONES:1,COLOR:Green,ORIGIN:Unknown,MINDIMENSION:8.00 mm,MAXDIMENSION:8.00 mm,ACCESSORY TYPE:Loose Lab Created Russian Emerald,PRODUCT TYPE:Loose Lab Created Russian Emerald Gemstone,GENDER:Mens-Womens,MATERIAL:Gemstone,STONE CREATION METHOD:Synthetic,TREATMENT METHOD:Treated


Loose Emeralds - Wholesale 5 Cts Of Natural Emerald Round 4mm 17pcs, 100% Natural No Enhancement

A quality Above Average goods, They vary from VS-SI Quality NAME:Emerald Round Gems SHAPE: Round 4mm CUT: Faceted COLOR: Shades of Green ORIGIN: Brazil SIZE: 4mm TREATMENT: None GRADE: AA APPROX WEIGHT: 5 ct. (17pcs) You will get a random scoop of 100cts from the above big lot,


Loose Emeralds - 0.04-0.08 Cts Of 2.50 Mm Aaa Rounds ( 1 Pc ) Loose Emerald Gemstone

This is an AAA quality Rounds Emerald measuring 2.50 mm . Approximate Gemstone Weight: 0.04-0.08 Carats.,GEMSTONE:Emerald,SHAPE:Rounds,AVERAGE COLOR:Green,AVERAGE QUALITY:AAA,MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:0.04-0.08,GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:2.50 mm,NUMBER OF STONES:1,COLOR:Green,TREATMENT METHOD:Oiled,STONE CREATION METHOD:Treated,ORIGIN:Unknown,MINDIMENSION:2.50 mm,MAXDIMENSION:2.50 mm,ACCESSORY TYPE:Loose Emerald,PRODUCT TYPE:Loose Emerald Gemstone,GENDER:Mens-Womens,MATERIAL:Gemstone


Loose Emeralds - 0.38-0.50 Cts Of 6x4 Mm Aaa Emerald-cut Russian Lab Created Emerald (1 Pc) Loose Gemstone

This is an AAA quality Emerald-Cut Russian Lab Created Emerald measuring 6x4 mm. Approximate Gemstone Weight: 0.35-0.55 Carats.,GEMSTONE:Russian Lab Created Emerald,SHAPE:Emerald,AVERAGE COLOR:Medium Green,AVERAGE QUALITY:AAA,MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:0.35-0.55,GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:6x4 mm,NUMBER OF STONES:1,COLOR:Green,ACCESSORY TYPE:Loose Emerald,PRODUCT TYPE:Loose Emerald,GENDER:Mens-Womens,MATERIAL:Gemstone,ORIGIN:Russian,MINDIMENSION:4.00 mm,MAXDIMENSION:6.00 mm,TREATMENT METHOD:Treated,STONE CREATION METHOD:Synthetic


Loose Emeralds - 5.5 Ct Natural Oval Face Loose Emerald Stunning Stone For Ring

Emerald is a Birthstone as well as astrological stone. Emerald is found in light to deep green colors. Emerald is stone for mercury, this planet is significator of intellect, speech, memory, short travels, wisdom, intuitive power.


Loose Emeralds - 0.72 Cts Of 7x5 Mm Aa Slightly Included Oval Russian Lab Created Emerald ( 1 Pc ) Loose Gemstone

This is a beautiful Loose Oval Russian Lab Created Emerald of AA quality (slightly included) measuring 7x5 mm. Approximate Gemstone Weight: 0.70-0.72 Carats.,GEMSTONE:Russian Lab Created Emerald,SHAPE:Oval,AVERAGE COLOR:Green,AVERAGE QUALITY:AA,MINIMUM CARAT TOTAL WEIGHT:0.70-0.72,GEMSTONE DIMENSIONS:7x5 mm,NUMBER OF STONES:1,COLOR:Green,ORIGIN:Russian,MINDIMENSION:5.00 mm,MAXDIMENSION:7.00 mm,ACCESSORY TYPE:Loose Russian Lab Created Emerald,PRODUCT TYPE:Loose Russian Lab Created Emerald Gemstone,GENDER:Mens-Womens,MATERIAL:Gemstone,STONE CREATION METHOD:Synthetic,TREATMENT METHOD:Treated


Loose Emeralds - 55carat Emerald Stone 5 Ct Natural Original Loose Gemstone

Related Terms  Emerald Gemstone Panna gemstone. Natural brazilian Emerald Oval gemstone 2.25 3.25 4.25 5 5.25 6.25 7.25 Ratti Emerald Panna. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Carat Emerald stone.


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